Thank you again for all your help. Bowen has really made such a difference and I am feeling so much better every day

LH Mirfield

Having a Bowen session with Suzi, (with sometimes another healing modality intuitively added in) is an all over healing and self nourishment experience for me.

Suzi’s healing space is set in the most wonderful place for starters, and every experience, space, moment and step, is filled with intuition, care and attention to comfort, beauty and detail.

Suzi’s wide study, deep interest and inner knowing, is in every aspect of her healing session, starting from me leaving my home, to the healing session itself, and to well after my time with her.

SG Ilkley

I can't express in words how much this has helped me cope with my spondylosis and improved my life. Thank you so much Susan you are a star xx

SKD, Leeds

I have Bowen Therapy every month with Susan as I find it is incredibly helpful sorting out injuries which I've obtained through playing golf, cycling or going to the gym. In the last year I have had my tennis elbow symptoms, painful knees and tendonitis in my foot (caused by excessive) walking disappear. I now have a maintenance session to recalibrate my system and it makes me feel really well. Its also amazingly relaxing and reminds me to take care of myself. I recently had an Indian head massage which was a first for me and I felt thoroughly de stressed and relaxed afterwards. Investing in an hour a month is worth it, and Susan will use a wide range of therapies including Bowen, Reflexology and others to help you. The atmosphere in the room is calm and quiet and she will offer lots of information and support in helping you to look after your well being

PC, Skipton

Hello Susan - Feedback from Dorn Therapy. I really enjoyed my treatment last Wednesday and am feeling the benefits. I've been doing the exercises you showed me am and pm. They are definitely helping. I'm so pleased, as often people do not realise how debilitating neck pain can be. It's great to be pain free.

RR, Skipton

The massage was divine. I feel totally cleansed and as if I am walking on air. My mind is completely relaxed and all my problems have melted away! The aroma of the oils shall cocoon me all day. I can still feel them working. I feel at peace

CM, Pately Bridge

I wanted to thank you for the recent Bowen Treatments you gave me. Since then my energy levels have vastly improved, thanks again

AM Cullingworth

I have been having Bowen sessions with Susan as part of my regular maintenance and for specific issues for almost six years. I originally came for a tight jaw and teeth grinding, which Susan remedied and found that Bowen and Susan could treat any number of issues I may be experiencing.

I have had a bad back since I was 18 and Susan has in the last six years replaced my chiro and osteo appointments, even when working a very physically demanding job. Although it's not necessary as certain issues heal and disappear, I find if I have a session every 4-6 weeks for overall wellbeing, I generally feel and function brilliantly. Up till now, Susan has helped me with a tight jaw, very tight hip and back, issues with knees and shoulder, asthma, issues with sore eyes, and even helps with anxiety and low mood.

I think of Susan as a body mechanic, she always puts me back together. Bowen is an essential part of my overall upkeep both physically and emotionally, and it's a bonus that the treatments are so relaxing.

AK, Bradford

Being used to enjoying such relaxing and calm times at The Bowen House, I was reluctant to visit under Covid 19 rules as I thought it might be stressful and a bit strange. However, my back had other ideas and needed to visit for some much needed treatment!

I could not have been more wrong. Susan has safe, yet relaxing, calm space in which to continue her excellent work.

If you are worried, don't be, it's still great!

C H - Otley

Thanks Susan for sorting my back, its already so much more flexible and I've got much more mobility back! Thanks a lot!

RS, Ilkley

Would like to say a big thank you for all the amazing work you have achieved on my husbands neck pain and constant headaches which he has had for the last 4 months. He has had physio & seen a chiropractor with no positive results at all but with some Bowen sessions from yourself his headaches and neck pain have gone. The difference is fantastic.

Thank you

MW, Crosshills, Keighley

Words can't express how thankful I am for how your wonderful treatments have balanced me !

CM, Yorkshire Dales

The last three plus weeks since the treatment have been incredible.

Before the treatment I was probably averaging 1-2 headaches a week; my daily routines since have not changed - I've had quite a few later (than is good for me) nights not to mention been at full tilt with work and throwing myself around at the gym - I cannot believe I'm telling you that I've only experienced one mild headache with the onset of my period. In the past my period would leave me with a dull ache which has lasted days and left me feeling nauseous. This time after a few painkillers it was gone !!!

I cannot thank you enough!! Over the years I've learnt what the tell tale signs are for my headaches, a common one being my eyes feeling tired. That feeling has occurred in the last few weeks but the usual headache has just not materialised. What ever you did, and I confess I was mildly sceptical, has worked a treat! I've noticed that my intake of fluids has vastly improved, perhaps my body fixing itself and making me feel thirsty.

The best raffle prize I have ever one! Thank you so very much.

- JG, Otley

(The above client won the treatment in a raffle, it took her over a year to actually decide to come - but she is now very pleased that she did)

JG, Otley

I had suffered with horrendous asthma since I was 2 years old, yet after a few Bowen Treatments I now only very rarely need to use my inhaler.

My osgood-schlatters has also improved and now there is no longer any pain in my knee, even during and after exercise.

As a keen sportsman the freedom it has given me has been incredible.

BT, Ilkley

Thank you for making my shoulders and neck feel like they used to do when I was a teenager. I woke up this morning totally re energized all over. Your techniques are second to none, think I'm ready for another 1500 mile motorcycle ride! Thanks so much.

GB, Steeton

The only time I totally relax is when I am having a treatment with you.

JH, Ilkley

I haven’t had a migraine (touch wood) since my second treatment (two and a half months ago) and I passed all my final exams so am feeling great! I’m also keeping off the squash and have nearly finished cutting out all caffeine so am very pleased with the results.
Thank you so much for the treatments, be sure that if the migraines come back I’ll be coming to see you!

ER, Leeds

I was diagnosed with a shoulder (rotator cuff) injury about 18 months ago, which left me with restricted movement in my left arm, for example the simple art of touching the small of my back defeated me. It was also giving me some discomfort when sleeping.
Despite various sports injury massages and treatments it would not improve.

Ordinarily I would not have given any holistic treatment a second look. However my partner, who also had a troublesome back injury and was looking for long term solutions, rather than the short term relief by physiotherapy and chiropractor treatments had given her, had visited Susan and had a very successful experience in more than just the back problem. I therefore decided to give it a try.

The initial consultation investigated not only my shoulder, but my whole well being, including my arthritis and other over 60s ailments. This was followed by my first treatment. Although I was pre briefed by my partner as to the nature of the treatment, after hundreds of sports and Swedish massages which are very intense, this treatment was the total opposite, being gentle touches and movements.

Like many others I left the session quite relaxed but euphoric, however the real wow came in the following days. I awoke the next morning knowing my body had been manipulated, with what I can only describe as the feelings you get the day after you have been to the gym after a week or two lay off. A very satisfying feeling. My shoulder showed some signs of improvement after a few days. Throughout the treatments and after each one, I had many hard to explain experiences throughout my body which suggested to me that the body was indeed healing itself.

It took a further two treatments to fully rectify the problem, and I can still feel the euphoria of finding at the end of the third session that I could after 18 months scratch the small of my back. This for some may sound odd, however after such a long time of restricted movement, for me it was a huge step forward.
That being satisfying enough, I also noticed that my night sweats (something that I had lived with for many years), had almost completely disappeared.

Throughout the sessions Susan not only briefed me on the different techniques she was using, but also took great interest in my wellbeing as a whole.

I cannot begin to comprehend the science behind this form of treatment, but I can testify its success, not only for individual injuries, but for the body as a whole.

It is my intention to return on a quarterly basis as a continuing well being therapy.

I would strongly recommend Susan and the treatments she offers.

EG, Harrogate

I have had Fibromyalgia for over 6 years and tried all sorts to cope with it over those years. Last year I read an article about Bowen Treatments and decided to give it a go. Susan listened to my story and thought she could help. I had a treatment a week for the first month and noticed a progressive improvement over that time.
I have continued to have a treatment every 3-4 weeks, focusing on different areas as I felt appropriate. Although I still have Fibromyalgia, the symptoms have greatly reduced, so much so, that my need for painkillers has reduced and I now have the body capability and confidence to attend Pilates classes once a week (a situation I never thought would happen).
The combination of Bowen treatments and Pilates classes has made a huge difference to my life and I can't praise Susan and her treatments enough.

CB, Ilkley

Like many people I was looking for a solution to help manage a long standing back issue that had resulted in a slipped disc earlier this year, although I had made a good recovery it took very little for the muscles in the back to spasm and cause pain and also worry that it was all starting again. Sports massage and Chiropractor visits helped to alleviate discomfort but it never provided me with a solution.

As many people do I turned to the internet, and started reading up about The Dorn Method which eventually took me to Susan, a discovery that I will always be truely grateful for.

During the first consultation Susan suggested that it might be more beneficial for me to start with a session using The Bowen Technique and I was more than happy to accept her guidance.

I cannot say I really felt any different walking away from the session, although it was deeply relaxing, but I was astounded by what followed over the next few days.

The muscle pain I had been experiencing alleviated and I regained my range of movements that had been restricted for weeks. I had also had a disturbed sleep pattern, waking several times a night and struggling to get back to sleep, this started to improve and I can report 3 sessions later that I am now having the best nights sleep I have had in years. The final issue that I had, and I did not even consider as treatable, was hot flushes, I was getting between 15-20 per day which were very intense, these started to reduce, but during my final session Susan did some specific hormonal movements and now a matter of 5 days since that visit I have only had a couple of sensations of feeling a little warmer (nothing like the heat I had before).

I would really encourage everyone to consider a consultation with Susan, she won't tell you that she can fix everything, but I am convinced that we all benefit from the treatments.

SN, Harrogate

"Dear Susan, thanks so much for today, its always a treat and a tonic being with you. Its such a fab experience luxuriating in my restful treatment and knowing that I am healing too. I love your pure spirituality and the way you tune in to me and my needs !"

CG, Barnoldswick

"I had suffered for years with pain in my lower back, but actually went to see Susan with Tennis Elbow. Within one session my back pain disappeared altogether, although my elbow took several further visits to recover completely, however it has remained pain free ever since - Fantastic!"

SG, York

"I came to Susan for help with an injury to my arm and shoulder. I had a bad fall while walking on holiday, and after five months and a lot of physio and therapeutic massage it was still very painful and extremely restricted. The hospital scan showed bursitis and significant tendinopathy, and the recommendation was for steroid injections. I was told not to expect full movement to return, and to expect at least another year of pain and restriction.

After a few sessions with Susan my mobility increased remarkably, and with ongoing treatment is now effectively back to normal. I have a little pain, but nothing compared to how it was, and I see increasing improvement with every session. I have had weekly or fortnightly sessions depending on my availability and have found improvement not just with my arm and shoulder but in every way. I feel happy and balanced in mind and body.

The sessions with Susan are extremely relaxing and therapeutic. Susan is a true healer, kind, caring, wise and understanding. I feel extremely fortunate to have her help, and I strongly recommend her."

AG, Ilkley

"I turned to Susan for help after having suffered unbearable discomfort in my neck and head as well as numbness down the right side of my body for almost three months. The pain had begun to take over my life and I received little reassurance and no offer of treatment from my GP apart from a long agonising wait for a scan appointment.

I wont pretend that the relief was instant, but after leaving The Bowen House for the first time, I felt an overwhelming calmness. It was after my second session a week later that I noticed the first signs of my body returning to its old self. I still find it hard to believe now, but I felt completely back to normal in less than a month since starting treatment. I am unable to explain how she did it, but I am eternally grateful to Susan for her healing hands - it was miraculous"

OS, Leeds

"The Bowen Technique is quite hard to explain or understand, and at first strange to experience, but I am amazed at the results that I have had, not only on a physical level but also on a mental and emotional level. I feel better after treatment and this lasts. I have had several treatments and am more than happy to continue to use Bowen to stay well."

TD, Huddersfield

"Since having a short course of Bowen Therapy several months ago I haven't felt the need for any other therapies or remedies. This is unusual for me and I feel more healthy and balanced than I have in years."

CG, Barnoldswick

"For the last 30 years I have had an imbalance in my pelvis, resulting in one leg being shorter than the other. I was amazed that after my first Bowen Treatment, this imbalance disappeared and my hips are now level. I also feel much calmer and less stressed than I have for a very long time"

JT, Ilkley

"I'd had a painful back for some months. As a keen gardener this was making my work very difficult and very uncomfortable. After a couple of Bowen treatments it has cleared up and I no longer have any pain. I have also noticed significant improvements in other ailments"

ST, West Yorkshire

"I would like to thank you for the Bowen treatment I had for a blocked nose. I'd had this problem for at least five years, and nothing I had tried had helped.

The relief from the Bowen treatment began quickly and has been long lasting. I also found the therapy very relaxing and comforting."

LG, Guiseley

"I have been amazed at how quickly Bowen treatments with Susan have worked.

When I first came for treatment I had several difficult symptoms and didn't know which should be addressed first.

I had some problems with jaw alignment that the dentist was unable to help with and this was causing some neck tension and dizziness. I also had ongoing low back problems from several years ago and more recently was still recovering from frozen shoulders.

As I had had very low energy for two years I was really pleased when four days after the first treatment all my energy came back!

Slowly after a number of treatments my lower back problem was significantly improved and my shoulders became much more flexable. I now have the energy and flexability to return to exercise classes that I was not able to do before. The dizziness has also been significantly reduced and I am continuing with treatment to help with the neck tension.

I am so happy to be able to get back on track again and wouldnt hesitate to recommend Bowen to anyone. It seems to have no limits to the problems it can address."

CD, Yorkshire

"I am 60 years old and six years ago I was diagnosed with PARKINSONS, it only started to affect my life a year ago, dull aches and pains, walking clumsily, right arm not responding .My wife had read about Bowen Technique and suggested I give it a go, Well to be honest I have never had much time for what I called tree huggers medicines but to keep the peace I went along with it. Now let me tell you meeting SUSAN TEALE has been one of the smartest things I have done, the treatment has been a great help in stemming my symptoms, Susan also incorporates other therapies she thinks may help. Susan takes time to really get to know what’s best for you and I believe she is not only an excellent therapist she genuinely cares.


DM.Leeds (novice tree hugger)

"I initially saw Susan for Bowen Treatment as I was suffering from extreme fatigue, asthma and depression which was preventing me from working. I experienced a recovery from the fatigue during the very first treatment. My condition was very severe and my energy returned in waves during the treatment and then contiued to do so. The second and subsequent sessions looked at my long term asthma problems and continual struggle with depression and I now no longer need my inhalers. My depression has to be addressed at times but I havent needed any medication whatsoever.

During the last twelve months I had again developed a problem with migraines which reached a point where they occoured very frequently and I again had Bowen Treatment which has now eliminated them completely. In addition I actually had some Bowen Treatment whilst experiencing the 'aura' (flashing lights and impaired vision which is usually when the migraine starts) - the symptoms subsided. Follwing this treatment the painfull headaches, usually experienced did not occur. At my next regular Bowen session I continued with the treatment and the migraines have now stopped."

SP, Skipton

"I came to see Susan in the aftermath of hip bursitis. The complaint had caused a knock-on affect in my upper body: my neck, right arm and hand were very painful and sometimes I could hardley turn my head. The hospital physiotherapist suspected arthrits had been triggered, which would be very difficult to reverse.

This was rather depressing news! However, after half a dozen treatments with Susan (and cutting down on activities, such as excessive computer use) the pain has gone away to the extent that I sometimes forget there was ever a problem. The treatments have been so gentle, and often very relaxing, that this seems almost like magic! I can even work on my allotment again, something I thought I was going to have to give up completely."

MS, Ilkley

"I Visited The Bowen House as I was suffering with Sciatica and a shoulder problem. I found Susan to be a very kind and caring person who has gained a great deal of knowledge and skill in a wide range of therapies, Susan uses these techniques to heal and rebalance both the body and the mind in a very gentle and relaxing manner. After my sessions, I feel full of energy, very relaxed and I am now pain free! Thank you so much."

RD, Barnoldswick

"After a treatment with Susan I feel like I have been put back together again, her massage couch is the best place in the world to be"

KJM Ilkley

"I have had several sessions of Bowen Therapy with Susan due to a little collection of ailments. I've had some great results with my sore eyes healing, stomach settling and sinuses being clearer. I've felt calmer and slept better after treatments, and a few days after one session when dealing with a particularly difficult situation bothering me, I really felt as if I didnt care about the problem! Although my reason for having Bowen Therapy was purely to improve my health, the sessions are a real treat and very relaxing. Susan is lovely and very accomodating when booking appointments to fit in with my train times, and she seems very dedicated to improving health."

S.B. Armley, Leeds