Hi Susan

I do apologise for not getting in touch sooner but I wanted to properly assess the results of the treatment so I could provide informative feedback.
You were worried about having talked me in to considering a Bowen treatment, can I just say your concerns were absolutely unfounded! The last three plus weeks since the treatment have been incredible. Before the treatment I was probably averaging 1-2 headaches a week; my daily routines since have not changed – I’ve had quite a few later (than is good for me) nights not to mention been at full tilt with work and throwing myself around the gym – I cannot believe that I’m telling you that I’ve only experienced one mild headache with the onset of my period. In the past my period would leave me with a dull ache which has lasted days and left me feeling nauseous. This time after a few painkillers it was gone!!
I cannot thank you enough!! Over the years I’ve learnt what the tell tale signs are for my headaches, a common one being my eyes feeling tired. That feeling has occurred in the last few weeks but the usual headache has just not materialised. What ever you did, and I confess I was mildly sceptical, has worked a treat! I’ve noticed that my intake of fluids has vastly improved, perhaps my body fixing itself and making me feel thirsty?
The best raffle prize I have ever won! Thank you so very much.
Kind regards
JG Otley
(JG Won a treatment at The Bowen House in a charity raffle)