Hot Stone Massage

woman in a day spa with stone therapyWhat is Hot Stone Massage?

Not all Hot Stone Massage is the same.

I trained in Hot Stone Massage with Dror Steiner who practices in London, where Hot Stones are used to perform the actual massage, rather than just being placed on the body. The Hot Stones become an extension of my hands and are used alongside more conventional massage techniques.

The Stones I use are Basalt Stones, from the Jordan Valley region in Israel, where they erupted from the volcanic Golan Heights and have been gently smoothed on their long journey down to the Sea of Galilee. The stones are heavy, and hold the heat well, enabling a good, strong continuity of massage.

How can Hot Stone Massage help me?

Hot Stone Massage can help in the myriad ways a usual Holistic Massage can, but with the added benefit of heat, which penetrates deeply into the body, warming, soothing and relaxing tight or knotted muscles and ligaments.

What does a treatment involve?

As with a normal Holistic Massage you will be able to relax on a massage couch, and you will be covered with towels. Oil will be applied to your body, and the stones, which have been heated prior to your arrival, will be used alongside more usual hands-on Massage Techniques. A large stone may be placed at the base of your spine to add further benefit to the treatment. The warmth penetrates deeply and the therapy is incredibly relaxing.

Described by one of my clients as:

“The hot stones treatment is truly amazing – Relaxing yet invigorating, calming yet intense, deep yet not intrusive, comforting and indulgent – a really special hour out of the usual crazy day – I really can’t recommend it enough”