Breuss Massage

What is Breuss Massage ?

iStock_000017964854_SmallBreuss Massage is a spinal massage named after an Austrian man, Rudolf Breuss who developed it. Rudolf believed that degenerated interverebral discs were capable of regenerating.

Breuss Massage stretches, nourishes, aligns, and energizes the spine, helping to alleviate physical or energetic blockages, regenerating the whole body system in a safe, simple and effective way. The use of St Johns Wort Oil, healing techniques and Japanese Silk Paper during the massage adds to the treatment, helping to heal and nourish the spine and the vertebral discs.

Breuss Massage can be enjoyed as a stand alone treatment, and is also often used alongside other therapies, especially The Dorn Method.

Can Breuss Massage help me ?

Our spine is in a constant state of stress and relief. It needs the right amount of stress in the form of active movements in order to maintain its strength and function. It also needs rest and nourishment.

During the day our Spine and especially our discs are stressed as they act as shock absorbers when we stand, sit and walk. Because the discs are squeezed, some of the liquid within can get out and the discs become thinner. During sleep the spine relaxes and stretches out, the discs can regenerate by ‘sucking’ the liquid they lost during the day back in. This mechanism is altered in a negative way when our metabolism is not in balance or impaired for many different reasons.

The Breuss Massage is actively replacing in a sense a good and healthy full nights sleep by stretching the spine and nourishing it using natural oils. In this relaxed state the spine can also be gently, safely and painlessly re-aligned, no force is used.

The Breuss Massage is very relaxing and enjoyable.

What does a treatment involve ?

The Breuss Massage is performed whilst laying on a massage couch, covered with blankets and towels. The massage is for the back only with direct focus on the spine. It lasts around half an hour, and is often combined with The Dorn Method at the end of the treatment, or occasionally before. It can also be used along side other therapies, such as prior to a Bowen Treatment.

St John Wart Oil is used as this is particularly helpful for the nourishment of the spine and ‘Silk Papers’ are used at the end of the treatment, which help balance the energies in the back.

As with all treatments a full consultation takes place to obtain a full case history